What do you guys think ? My painted astro a40s and controller

I have not done it in a very long time and thought why not try it today. Also never tried to paint astros before. What you guys think ?

If I’m correct you bought that Xbox One controller shell and just swapped out the guts.

While the paint on the Astros and 360 controller looks good it’s definitely a girly color theme so maybe your theme song should be “Dude looks like a Lady” with a girly colored controller and head set like that.

The blue is certainly not girly lol. I thought blue was a guys color, its what the hospitals wrap baby boys in lol. I think the baby clue looks sick and I would actually pay money for them. Nice job man :thumbsup:

Haha yeah i never knew that blue was a girls color lol. Either way i don’t care. Thanks for both the comments guys <3

They look awesome.

How did you take them apart? I want to paint mine they are white.

I didn’t just get masking tape and tape everything but the parts you want painted. Make sure to over use the tape on it. You don’t want to get paint on the speakers. It’s very easy to do.

Thanks will give it a try, I want to paint them purple.

Make sure you get paint for plastic. You might have many options with colors though.

If purple or baby blue is your thing than so be it.

I’ve painted many plastic items before, you don’t need special plastic spray paints, just make sure you prep properly before spraying and a final layer of clear coat never hurts if want that look.

LOL i love pink and purple. I don’t care who says what about the colors lol. Yeah i always stick to paint that bonds to plastic because it seems to be better but i have used normal paint as well and it works fine too. this man speaks da truff

Colors aren’t for certain sexes, Don’t listen to that b.s.

Evidently blue is a girl’s color… wat

Would you be caught driving a pink car? What would you think if you saw a guy driving a pink car? I know what the majority of people would think so your comment is invalid