What do you Guys think of my new sign?

I’ve been playing with a new kind of texture. What do you guys think?

I liked your previous few more Pat but this ones good too.

I make a new one like every couple of days. But really only update it on MB once or so a month lol

Pffft, I could do better :laughing:

Nah I really couldn’t, I think you did a good job though :smile:

Well thank you sir. This one did take me a while longer then they normally do. I’m sure you could come up with some sweet work.
Anything you guys don’t like about it?

Maybe try and fit the sig into a different shape, or experiment with some different colors.

I really know nothing about graphic design what so ever so my comment probably means nothing, but I think it looks freaking awesome!

Like what kind of shape?

Green looks pretty good too.