What does execute mean under the mod?

So when I try to play with the trainer the mods with the word “toggle” underneath it work but the ones with the word “execute” dont. What can I do to be able to use the mods that say execute.

Cheats are self-explanatory. If it says “add x ammount of money”, it adds x ammount of money when you press the hotkey.

Toggle is a common english word. I don’t feel like explaining its meaning.

I know but when I try to do the cheats that have execute those cheats dont work

Then explain how it doesn’t work, what cheats you are talking about and what game you are trying with.

the cheats i am talking about are max survivor level XP and the other XP gaining cheats on Dying Light. Also the cheats to add ammo and arrows

The Xp level ones work I was just being dumb. but I dont know about the other ones

So some cheats included in the dying light trainer are not working for you.

The correct way of reporting broken cheats and such is by going to #infinity:tools-and-trainers , finding the topic for the trainer you are having issues with and posting in it explaining your issue to the best of your ability.

They work by you have to hit the "cheat " every time you level up so you hit the cheat hit someone and it goes all the way up 1 XP point hit the cheat button again , hit someone goes all the way up again another XP have to do it for all the XP cheats


I think that is the way they are designed

OK, I understand the question and I have the same issue, and sarcasm is not an answer.
The hot keys labeled toggle work just fine foe me in All of the Mass Effect games but he hot key labeled EXECUTE followed by and F key do NOT work for any of my games. If you can please explain what key combination is required to get that function to work properly it would be very helpful.
Example, Execute F5 to add 1000 credits in Mass Effect 3. WHAT key represents the Execute command along with the F key?
As stated the Toggle and Ctrl + F key combinations are self-explanatory and al work just fine in the gamers.

You just have to press F5 to add 1000 credits in Mass Effect 3

Thank you for your quick and concise response,
Did that on repeated occasions with no perceptible result, and that applies to all the combinations labeled Execute + F key. In all my games. I am using it on a home-built Windows 10 gaming PC with all legit copies of the games.
So that leads me to believe that the problem is with infinity and not user error.

The thing is.
The word execute does not appear in Infinity at all.
Atleast not anymore.
Hence right now it’s not a infinity problem.
Also the word execute just appeared. It had nothing to do with a key or anything.

you can look at it like this: (to) execute (press) F7
Right now the word isn’t shown in Infinity anymore.
It seems you’re on the wrong version

Thanks, but I uninstalled my current version with CCleaner and cleared all references to it in my registry, rebooted, downloaded and reinstalled a new one and it’s exactly the same. The Execute labels are still there. the version I have is V3.0.39

So I don’t know how it is that you and I have different versions.

Execute isn’t a key. It just means to execute the cheat, Toggle means to toggle the cheat on/off where execute is just that - execute once.

Go to the pause menu in me3 for the credits to take effect. If it isn’t, most likely you have a different version (trainer is for origin version).

I am now aware thanks to N1ceToMeetYou that the Execute label is meaningless. The issue now is that when I use those specific hot keys in the described manor nothing happens. And I am using the Origin version of the games. I’m just trying to figure out why they don’t work. Is it that I am using them at an incorrect place in the game or something else? And the add credits function was just an illustration and not particularly important to me in the game.
Sorry I’m one of those PIA people that when things don’t work the way they are supposed to, instead of getting angry or frustrated, I get interested.

Oh sorry indeed execute does still exist as a label. Sorry must’ve missed it. In the trainers I use there’s no such label.
Do you have a checkmark next to play?
Does manually toggling them in Infinity change anything ingame?

Yes, all the toggle keys work and yes there is a check mark after the game loads. The only keys that do not work are the following; all the keys with Execute in front of them and the Ctrl + F keys that increase or decrease Renegade, Paragon and Speed Modification. None of which are particularly troubling to me, but they really should work as intended, IMO.
I have over 2k hours of single player play logged on the trilogy and Mass Effect Andromeda all of which I have played with Infinity from time to time. Being retired sometimes has its perks.