What exactly is the second disc for in forza motorsport 4?

so i was looking on 360iso for the game and it had 2 discs and the post said disc 1 is the actual game an disc 2 is for installable content so yeah lol what exactly is the installable content?

exactly what it says on the tin … installable content …

Too get all the cars.

The disc contains all the other cars available in the game.
Including some maps.
And cars.


why spam in every thread? It’s annoying. HELP and write the answer if you know it, if not - Don’t post something stupid like “whats on the tin”.

okayy so then i guess it would be necessary to burn the second disc. alright thanks

mods can close

You’re just missing out on 200+ cars and 5-10+ maps…
no big deal O_o’’


Like stated it is basically the same as Forza 3 disc 2.