What format does Xbox Read?

Title says all. Does the Xbox 360 read in Fat32? HDD Wise


if i’m not mistaken, ps3 reads NTFS.

For memory yes :smile:

So that would mean I could buy an External HDD format it to Fat32 and plug it in via USB and my Xbox would read it correct?

yes. if it is retail you can only use up to 16gb of it.

Yes but you can only use a maximum of 16GB on a retail, JTag is as much as you have i think

16GB Really? :confused:

Yea otherwise people would go buy any Harddrive instead of the 60 and 120 gb xbox ones. See that’s how they get ya.

The 360 reads the FATX file system for all its memory devices. A 360-formatted flash drive is FAT32 with a FATX partition inside files.

So an External HDD wouldn’t work?

Well, it depends… If you want to store gamer profiles and content, you would format it on the 360, which basically creates a split apart FATX file system, which can be up to 16gb.

The 360 has FAT32 drivers, but it will not allow you to use it for content storage. You can put music and stuff on it, though. And you can use it more extensively with a JTAG, since you have full access to it.

Like would I be able to use an external I buy from walmart as a reg Xbox 360 HDD?

fat 32 ; 16 gb and lower

No. Even if you put it in the HDD case, it does not have the signed security blob on the disk. The security blob is used to authenticate the device. It is an RSA signed structure and when it initializes the device, it compares the firmware, model, etc, with the information on the actual drive. Only way to make custom ones is to modify the HDD firmware, something only possible with HDDHacker on a limited assortment of HDDs.

For 16gb of space.

Actually it’s 32GB. Hence the 32 part of FAT32. FAT16 is limited to 16GB. However, even this is technically incorrect. It IS possible to format a FAT32 drive to over 32GB https://www.techrepublic.com/blog/windows-and-office/format-fat32-drives-beyond-32gb-limit/ note that
Look at the limitations here at wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Allocation_Table#FAT32
The actual maximum volume size of FAT32 is 2-8 TB, depending on the sector size you choose when formatting.
However, it has become increasingly difficult to format a drive in FAT32 on Windows 8.1 and 10. You now usually have to use the command line to do it. This is because the FAT32 format has largely been replaced by exFAT which has fewer limitations. For instance, exFAT drives can be very large, up to 128 petabytes in fact, which is 128 THOUSAND terabytes. Also, while individual files on a FAT32 drive are limited to 4 GB’s (unles your using FAT32+ which is limited to 256 GBs), exFAT can handle files as large as the entire volume of 128 petabytes! And guess what? Xbox 360 and Xbox One can see exFAT drives just fine. Everyone on the internet seems to think otherwise, but I have used an exFAT drive with both systems just fine. Maybe I had to do something special I am not remembering, you can call me out on that if it doesn’t work for you. There are third party tools that wil format the drive in FAT32 for you
Also, if you are using an Xbox One, you should be able to just straight up use NTFS.

Here is a tool: https://macrorit.com/help/xbox-one-360-file-system-fat32.html

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