What game was it that made you get Horizon?

For me? Oblivion.

Not to pop achievements, but to make use of the mod tool to increase skills.

Loved the game when it originally came out and got the 100% completion legit. Not a difficult 100% but still a very fun game.

Then I started to play it again, but this time rather than slogging out grinding, I found a Youtube vid that pointed to Horizon and how to mod on Oblivion. Such a great bit of kit to get out of your games. Been loving Oblivion all over again ever since.

None. I just wanted the the Achievement Unlocker.


Also Forza.

It was Halo:Reach, but it was falsely advertised because the video showing it off adds credits to an offline account, then I got it to only realize you can only add 1K which is basically nothing in the game.

Gears of War 3 multiplayer editor.

I use Modio :expressionless:



I use 360Haven :expressionless:

Traitor ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm, was either Minecraft or Red Dead Redemption; with Minecraft I wanted to have “Creative Mode” when it wasn’t available and for RDR I wanted to be the highest level with all the maxed weapons.

…now I strictly use Horizon for game saves probably once ever so often.

Like prior, very interesting thread idea DanteIhisi!

I started off with CoD Tool then just switched over to Horizon which I don’t use much anymore since I switched to X1.

I’d say about Forza Horizon 2 and call of duty: WAW8)

To be honest, i have no idea how i ended up here. But when i did, i enjoyed it very much.

Hey, you’re here now and that’s all that matters!

…I once lurked this site for the gaming info/news/updates even though there are websites like IGN, eventually decided to make an account and I haven’t looked back since.

I have to admit that after finding out Call of Duty 3 contains horrible online achievements, I would have been tempted to use the achievement feature that Horizon offers. But thats my main account and no way I would jeopardize it.

Plus I’d feel a right tool if a mate saw the achievements unlocked, checked the leaderboards and realised I’d never even played it.

Damn online achievements!

I think the Forza credit achievement would have been handy. I think Horizon is great for some games in how it can let you mod a savce file rather than just unlock achievements. That way you’re hurting no one, not risking anything and can get the most from your game without horrible grinding, which 30 years later, game devs still think the majority enjoy doing.


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Thank you!

Why Skyrim?