What happened to Deviatedhacking.com?!

I wanted to re-download the paid Dark Souls 2 trainer that I bought 2 years ago from deviatedhacking.com and it redirects me to this website.

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I dont know about that that site, but we got a Dark Souls 2 trainer.
But you could download https://www.wemod.com/infinity

Its free and got these, both for the one without DLC and the one with all DLC

Hey @FirePyro

Deviated has moved to wemod/infinity (here) and all the trainers or at least the important ones moved into Infinity - a multi-trainer tool. You are going to love infinity, it is the next step in how trainers are going to be used and if it wasn’t so cool, i would have never shut down deviated.

We are offering past deviated members free diamond membership that will allow you to use the remote and cheat from your smartphone, tablet etc.! I will set you up in a few.

The Dark Souls 2 trainer is also ported over to infinity with all the options and available for free. Just download infinity and it should be in the list.

Let me know if you have any issues and feel free to PM me for any questions you might have.


Did you also run away from skype? Hmmmm…

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@CryptXor Actually i did :smile: Slack is what i use now

I load up skype from time to time and you’re nowhere to be found. I thought you died on one of your weird tours with Spetsnaz…glad to see you are alive!!.

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Hahahahahaha, funny guy :stuck_out_tongue: Speak to the dude with the pink vespa.

Also, I would like in on that diamond action, seems pretty interesting :wink: