What happens when you prestige on MW3?

So I’ve reached level 80. When I prestige do I still lose everything like on CoD4?

Also, with the Unlock Gear option in the prestige shop, does that just unlock a gun or does it unlock attachments with it?

I think it just unlocks what you select e.g Just the gun or the just the attachment you select.

It unlocks 1 thing. Either a primary, secondary, lethal, etc. And you unlock until 10th prestige. But you have to earn the camos, attachments, etc every time you prestige.

It unlocks 1 thing, camos and attachments all have to be unlocked.
You only get the ITEM early, nothing extra.

You guys know if it works for perks?

Everything perks, primary, secondary, tactical etc

Does it unlock the item for every prestige or only that prestige?

I no lifed the game a little bit so I can tell you more about it. I’m second prestige level 22 right now.

When you prestige, you will lose everything except for your titles / emblems. (And the prestige challenges when you prestige for the second time)

About the unlock gear thingy. It just unlocks the weapon. You have to rank up again to unlock all the attachments / gun perks / camos. But you will have it for ever, once you spent 1 prestige token on the gun you will have it whenever you prestige.
That counts for everything by the way, no matter if you unlock a gun, a perk, a killstreak or something else.

yes you lost all bro. for that reason i dont like prestige i have to reach again my challenges lol