What is better? RGH or JTAG?

Well i have more than enough to buy both but i only want one and i just wanted to know the differences between the RGH and JTAG and which one is better, also if you guys could provide links to people who sell them in the US that would be great

Talk to this fgt, He did mine XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Chris

I would say RGH
Especially now. They are more stable, more available, and soon you will have dual NANDs available to everyone and custom kernels.
Ask Chris. He can get you a fair price.

If i were you i would wait until RGH 2.0. Theres no release date for them yet so if you can save your money then you should, if not then i would suggest going all out with a slim, tripple nand (RGH Nand, Dev Nand, Original Nand (for live play)). Thats what i was saving up for. then when demon comes out send it in to get that installed or w/e then youre set

Tha ****?

Triple Nand?

Cheater obviously haxed again.

RHH 2.0 Already got released.

haha didn’t know about those? they’ve been around for a month or so if not longer

unfortunately they are only possible with slims until RGH 2.0 comes out

tha ****? when?? lol

Like yesterday or something. Chris posted. Nothing spectacular though…

https://www.wemod.com/forum/23-xbox-360-jtag-rgh-modding/108650-rgh-2-0-released.html ^

dev nand is pointless and actually is pointless on RGH. Demon is $70 so dual nand will be pretty expensive but you can sell your extra xbox and get one with that money. RGH is what most people are developing for now.

Is there anything special about rgh besides its a slim? And what does demon do? Sorry I’m new to the JTAG/RGH

Dual nand, and RGH isn’t a slim. RGH is done on all xbox

Oh well can’t a slim be a RGH? And dual nand? Lol what’s that… Nvm I’ll google it lol

Chris can you inbox me a price for an RGH slim please, im in UK tho dont know if it will be a problem, thanks.

Dual nand is 2 dashboards. yes a slim can be RGH

K thanks for the info… But why would u need 2 dashboards lol

For someone like me, it means I can have my modded NAND to play all the nice fun things an RGH can do, and then use my stock one to play on Xbox Live.

One for xbox live and one for a custom kernel

And with RGH ur able to go on live right? Tell u get console banned? Lol


That is the point of dual nand, one is a live nand and the other is for modding offline.