What is the best game you've played with trainers?

Hey guys, what are the best games you’ve played with trainers?
I’m new into trainers, so I have played just a few games, the better ones with trainers that I played was
Watch dogs
Watch dogs 2


I’m not gonna lie- those 4x games, I’m not that great at it- balancing between money, army, building, exploring, etc. So I love playing those games with trainers enabled, so I can focus on what I love doing without the stress of managing/running out of resources. I love building, turtling up, making massive armies to throw at enemies. So those are my favorite to play mods/trainers with.

A few examples-
Total War: Warhammer 2
Master of Orion
Age of Empire 2
Age of Wonder 3
and many more!


Same for me, those 3 I mentioned I used because I hate stealth games, and I’m anxious. I get stressed fast playing stealth, and I had dropped dishonored a long time ago. Just because of the trainer, I was able to come back and finish it. I’m using trainers for about 1-2 months, and I love them. It was so stressful playing dishonored before, and when I played with the trainer, it was way more fun. Before, I thought using trainers and cheating would make the game worse or something, but the reality is that it is way better not to stress playing games and just have fun in your own way.

I’ll definitely play one of those games. It seems fun with trainer. I had never played these games because I keep thinking that I won’t be able to manage resources etc., so I don’t even play them.

Well, I got 32-bits games but nobody really care so these are my best games I played.

Punch Club
Clone Drone In the Danger Zone
Hitman Absolution

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  • The Bioshock franchise.
  • The Dishonored franchise.
  • The Wolfenstien franchise.
  • The Command & Conquer franchise. (Think most were from MrAntiFun’s old site before he came to WeMod).
  • Prison Architect.
  • Farming Simulator 19. (:eyes: shut up, it’s fun. Just ask @Chris :laughing: )

I highly recommend the Bioshock franchise with trainers. Though do note using trainers in the third Bioshock game will break one of the player’s abilities - it’s an issue I’ve found exists in every trainer on the internet. But it’s no big deal, the game can easily be played without it.