What is the best solder to use on an RGH

editing this thread, looking for the best solder to use while rghing my console. preferably something i can pick up in a store today, but if not then i’ll order it


damn lol, fixed

a soldering iron is like a toaster…price …doesnt effect chit…use too much heat for too long or put the wrong chit in the wrong place and you dun fckd up…seriously though… i have 500 euro headphones…the best broadband in europe (sigs ver outdated) … i could buy a soldering plant for thousands… but it makes no difference… i still use $2 ebay chinese soldering irons.

and i have more knowledge and experience than most…chit i even solder the occasional copper pipe.

recycling my thread. looking for the best solder to use on my RGH? i know there is a vast majority of them so just trying to find the best one that works for people

if you could link it, that would be best

I don’t have a link but use something with a high tin content. 60% or more if you can find it. I think I use .05" diameter, buy the smallest you can find.

think radioshack would have something like that? or microcenter?

here is this 60/40 0.032


there is also this. it is a 62 tin/ 36 led/ and 2 silver with a 0.022 diameter. will the silver be better or worse?

Silver increases the melting temp. Just buy whichever is cheapest.

So I should stay away from the silver one? Even though it is only 0.015

Most electronics solder contains 0% silver. It really wont make a difference though, I’ve used some with silver and some without.