App Horizon

What is the latest version number x.x.x.x of horizon for windows 10?


Would also like to get a legit dowload link to it from official wemod servers ONLY of the latest version made for the windows 10 platform… Thnx Also noting I have Mcafee’s top expensive membership Total Protection annual and it shuts down all installing and quarantines it as a virus. Read a lot of forums of a lot of stuff comes back false positives but also I see weird names like neke and so on in the authentications. Even says its not from a wemod server but of a foreign spelling in the from who when I click run on the wemod manager that’s 2.5 mb in size that is downloaded from the green button on the home screen at wemod horizon. I have tried to find where to allow for a program in my Mcafee but it only can be set after a program is already on my PC. Any help would be appreciated. Once I can get it into my pc, then could set it to be ignored in my antivirus…


The only download we can provide is the one from here:


Ok. Ill tell ya what my real problem is. Im running version and when I try to use tools to make custom pictures and themes, I get an uncloseable box relating to the .net functions in windows. it can only be closed by task manager of the whole horizon program. Is there any fix to this, or being im on an old version with bugs? Thnx


It is an issue caused by the newest W10 update. We have no way of updating Horizon anymore.


Thnx. Ill just have to buy pics and themes. Lol Worth a shot… Appreciate the intel…


No way of updating Horizon anymore?:thinking:


No. devs are not around anymore