What is this file on my account?

Any advice what it is and why did it appear there?

I think that appears after getting your gamer score reset. Did yours get reset recently?

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No, it hasn’t been reset, its really odd, I just re-downloaded it and the file is not there anymore so I have no idea what happened lol

I was gonna suggest to re download your profile. Steve is right that file usually appears after a GS reset. I haven’t found anything else on that file though.

I think something might have messed up with your profile.

Been playing games in a RGH so maybe something there messed it up, but its fixed now so all good, thanks for the responses :stuck_out_tongue:

This file is related to two-factor (TFA) authentication for your account.
It’s probably a cached reminder time so it knows when to bug you next for adding your security info to make your account more secure.
It isn’t something you need to worry about, and it probably wouldn’t cause any problems if you delete it, but I don’t see any reason to.

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Thanks for clearing it up.