What Is WeMod?

WeMod is more than just a modding service, but rather a community for both Console and Pc gamers who want to unlock and enjoy games to their full potential.

Console Or Pc?

For you console gamers, why don’t you try Horizon?
Horizon is tool that allows you to do many things including:

  1. Transfer your save from one account to another, or share it with your friends and the community.
  2. Easily mod games, with over 130 tools accessible to you at any time.
  3. Unlock achievements for any game. (Even games you do not own!)
    And so much more!

How about you Pc gamers? Well, let me introduce you to Infinity!
Infinity is revolutionary tool that is making us rethink how we are modding games. With a one time installation process and new games being added daily, its no wonder why it is becoming very popular!

Now you know what WeMod can do, why don’t you jump over to the Community and introduce yourself!

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