What is YOUR biggest "Pet-Hate/Pet-Peeve" in life?

We are all guilty of having them, no matter who you are. We all have something or someone that really grinds our gears or we simply can’t stand, to the point where you think your day is going well and then you see the thing which activates your annoyance. Feel free to state multiple things!

Mine would have to be…

  1. Broken biscuits! There is nothing I hate more than getting a biscuit from the packet and then it just crumbles into nothing >.<

  2. This is my biggest annoyance of all… I can’t stand it when drivers/riders do not use their signals/indicators at junctions or roundabouts (not sure what you guys call these in other parts of the world)! I have almost gotten into fights after displaying a hand-gesture at them when I see them doing this and I can’t help but wonder what cereal box they got their license from after?!

[size=25]Pet Hate or Pet Peeve Definition;-

A pet peeve or pet hate is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself or herself, to a greater degree than others may find it.[/size]

This definition was taken from: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_peeve

  1. Opening a Pepsi soda can to only find out that it had been shaken and lost all the ******* soda in it.

I believe you’re looking for the term “Pet-Peeve”

I had no idea what you meant until I read it. Maybe it’s just a UK thing.

But my number 1 pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open. I flip out on people who do.

My main pet-peeve is people who ***** and complain about everything, like nothing is good enough for them. My sister in law is that way, once I bought everybody in the family a scratch off lottery ticket to be nice, she was the only one to win and was furious that it was for only $10.

Another would be when you have to pick up a coworker, they know what time you’re going to be there but they leave you outside tutting the damn horn, causing both of us to be late.

I despise being talked over and interrupted, makes my blood boil

I had the term I was looking for… but thank you for your comment :smile: You could be correct, it may be a UK thing?!

I updated my original post to include a definition of both terms, simply to avoid any confusion.

01.) People who chew with their mouth open.
– I don’t care if that’s the way you chose to eat your food your entire life and your family members where okay with you eating like a cow, I’m not interested in seeing your food being chewed; especially when you’re making a lot of noise doing so!

02.) Someone standing over my shoulder reading the computer screen.
– I get it, I leave the living room to relax in front of my computer and something just dawns on you that you forgot to address me with. But, if I’m sitting at my computer doing my own thing and you need me then just say “Hey, can I borrow you for a minute?” or “Can I ask you something?”…not stand behind me inconspicuously waiting for me to acknowledge your presents and while doing so you’re reading/asking what I’m doing!

03.) Men wearing flip flops / complaining about feet hurting / noise they make.
– I played sports my entire life and was raised as a guy/jock. With that said, I’ve always worn footwear that didn’t show off my feet and I never intended to wear footwear that would show off my feet; even if I had finished running around a baseball field for 3hrs. wearing cleats! Plus, if I were to judge another mans feet, if you’re going to wear flip flips or sandals then make sure your feet look presentable and not like you just got through filming the next Lord of the Rings movie! Lastly, I don’t know if it’s the way women/men walk, but if you’re a male and choose to wear flip flops than must you make such an annoying racket when walking? (That’s like if I kept making the squeaking sound when wearing my sneakers.)

04.) People who always have an excuse.
– I’ll keep it short, there is a slim possibility that every time something happens to you that you were in the wrong and the more you give excuses the less I’m going to believe it when it really matters! (Ever hear of the story “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf?!?”)

TR0Y, again, awesome thread and I’m sure it’ll cause a lot of conversations!

When I pour a bowl of cereal and I realize I’m out of milk…

Or people with really long fingernails or toenails, for gods sake clip them! It’s disgusting…

:laughing: I can relate to this experience. Running out of milk when getting breakfast and grabbing a tea/coffee, can be really annoying. Especially when you thought that “it will be ok for now, I will get some on my way home from work”… and the last thing you wanna do is go out and get some just 10 minutes after you woke up!

conversation that is not constructive more specifically *****ing about other people and what they get up to. these people should be more self aware instead of watching others

I’ll post more when I get home but when I’m attempting to put a hotdog in a bun and the bun breaks apart

When gamers think they are entitled to free DLC.

People that can’t drive that really pisses me off!!

People chewing with their mouth open.

People cutting their finger nails or toe nails. I can’t stand the sound.

And although I’ve only recently just passed my driving test, PEOPLE NOT INDICATING.

When people crack their knuckles. Ugh. The sound. I can’t stand it.

I have been trying to stop this ‘habit’ since I was young, I hope this doesn’t place me on your bad list :wink:

Hearing people eat.

I hate when I sit down on the toilet to take a **** and I **** but there’s no toilet paper

then i gotta squat/walk to another bathroom

Kids screaming -_-

Guess you don’t like the MLG montage parodies then.

No it doesn’t Troy, it puts you on my naughty list. Jokes aside, what satisfaction or feeling go you get when you crack your knuckles? I have never done it myself.