What Kind of Clothes Do You Wear?

I just purchased a lot of clothes recently, and was just wondering what kind of clothes you guys wear? I know trends differ between state, country etc. so I’m just curious.

I wear mostly Pink Dolphin, Diamond Supply, and HUF. I wear Vans, Converse, and Diamond shoes. I wear mostly cargo shorts, and a shirt and a snapback.

What do you guys wear?

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Nah in all seriousness, surf kind of stuff, skate shoes, I’ll take a pic when I can.

I wear stuff that covers my body.

But in all seriousness i wear mostly skinny jeans, and Band t shirts.

Rocawear, Vans, DC, Element, Hurly, GIRL, Diamond, enjoi etc…

Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, Adidas, Holister, Converse, and sometimes Levis for Jeans.
I also wear Vans and Air Jordans. DC also for shows, and hats.

@ Michael GAY!!!

I wear a mark VI helmet,ODST shoulder pads, recon chest plate and black visitor of course

T-Shirt and gym shorts. In the winter, sweat-pants.


How is that Hipster? O_o

DC , Enjoi , DC , Element , Plan-B , just skate/surf shirts . I have a DC snap back , I only wear pants (shorts hurt when you skate ) and I only wear shorts if I’m going to go surfing . I wear vans & dc shoes mostly .

-Note- I have been wearing these brands since I can remember , I started skating when I was 5 . Then I started getting into all these brands . So I am not a hipster (I don’t mind getting called it) -Note-

Because they are all the new " trends ".

Anybody that wears Aero, Hollister, Jordans, A@F, And other ****ty clothing companies in my eyes are hipsters, ( Not calling converse a ****ty company, i’m calling new phags who wear them for a trend hipsters.)



What other reason is there to wear Jordans…

I wear all these “trending” clothing brands and I’m not a hipster. I like the way they look, and the quality of them.

There’s a difference between those who wear clothes because they like them, and those who just wear them because that’s what others like.

I’ve been wearing Diamond since 2003, and I’m only 16. :smile:

Plain Black TShirts, Carpenter pants, work boots.

Working on getting some new clothes soon.

Jeans and band shirts

Shirts and shoes made by children.

Not sure how Jordans are hipster, i mean they’ve been out for so long, and they’re really nice shoes

Aber Crombie And Fitch.

I personally have worn all of the brands that i stated in my OP, And i don’t see a difference in the quality in the clothing, Your just shoving out extra money for the brand. Also nice on wearing converse for almost 10 years :wink:.

If you have been wearing them before 2012 and 2011 then you’re not a hipster in my eyes.

This is all my opinion.

Swag setup no.1.

These and Element/Blank shirts.

idk i think they’re just generation clothing lines, i mean when people around my age first started to buy Jordans, people thought it was cool and w/e, i just think the process will continue, in 5 years you really wont have the same opinion about them, it’ll just be another clothing line, i mean thats at least how i feel, cause people have always bought jordans throughout my lifetime