What Online Games Do You Miss Playing?

I think for some or most online gamers, we all had that one game that we all played at the one time, all the time. There were times you did play other games either on your own or on co-op with one or two friends, but there was that one game or franchise you all joined in on at least once every night.

For me it was Call of Duty World At War. I used to play those games almost every single night with up to 7 other friends. And it was the most fun I ever had on Xbox Live.

Sadly, the older we get, we’re bound to get on with our own lives. I do still play games online but only occasionally now. I focus more on single-player games nowadays and my PC games. If I do play with anyone, I play with a few of my friends on Xbox Live. I played gta with 3 others a few weeks ago but I don’t think anything is going to top the sheer fun I had playing world at war between 2008 - 2011.

Halo 2, end of story.

Even though Halo 2 is on the MCC, it just doesn’t have that magic it once had. RIP

Halo: 3
…that was the game in which I lived on and just wouldn’t leave for another game; whether it was striving for a Lvl. 50, playing Custom games, or doing Screenshots/Forge…I’d be on that game! Granted, I played Modern Warfare, but, even though I now like the game, I just didn’t stay on it or find it to be anything like Halo: 3. Obviously I’ve moved onto other games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but that game is the reason in which I purchased a Xbox 360 and have the most memories!

Honestly, it may be only me, I just miss the old days of everyone on my list playing the same game. Granted, I could just add players/people in which will only play that same game as me, but back when Halo: 3 was what it was EVERYONE was on that game!

*Like you, I now play with the same 3-5x people where as I used to play with a lot more.
*I’ve never come close to maxing out my XBL friends list.

Awesome thread DecalM8!

Halo Wars, I miss playing actual games and not just sitting in my chair waiting for a game to be found.

Rallisport Challenge 2 for the original xbox had a great online.

I miss playing Metal Gear Online on the PS3 and I regret missing out on CoD4 when it was in it’s prime, I came to Xbox and Call of Duty when MW2 came out but as I play CoD4 today, I can see what I missed out on.

Runescape, GTA IV when it first came out, Halo 3 and COD 4&5. I had so much fun on these games back in the day, yet I can’t even keep interested in them these days, it sucks.

Same as you both Waw and Cod 4, I could never wait to get home from school and jump on with 5 other friends to play some Search and Destroy or Headquarters.

Now there isn’t many of us that play anymore sadly.

Got a question and not sure where to ask it. I cannot find where to mod Borderlands 2 stuff.

Exodus, go here: https://www.horizonmb.com/forums/80-Xbox-360-Modding-Discussion

Medal of Honor Heroes 1 & 2 for PSP.

gears of war 2, halo 3, left 4 dead, world at war and runescape

Halo 3, cod4, w@w, mw2.
The good ol days.

Halo 3 was amazing.

That and the CoD’s before MW2.

Halo 3 :anguished:

Lord of the rings battle for Middle Earth 2 on 360. I think that was one of the first games I experienced on Xbox Live and it was so perfect for the console. They need to make a third one.

Halo 2 on the original xbox, W@W, and Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

WaW and Cod 4 before it got modded to hell.

Cod4 and Gears of War.

They all start out so good, then they just add too much unnecessary crap. Halo 2 & 3 as well.

Cod 5 back when I was one of the fewer people online who had ISO mods :smile: