What platforms do you play on?

Hey everyone! What platforms do you mainly play on? We want to organize a community gaming event where we can game with our fellow HorizonMB members :thumbsup: Submit your vote now! You can select multiple if you wish.

After this poll, we will make another for specific games.

Check off the platforms in your profile as well:

I play on the Xbox 360 mainly. cx

And the games I play are Gears of War series and Black Op (1) and Battlefield 3 . lool

And yesshh, we need a gaming event, I hope these games apply !

Been playing Xbox One alot lately since Trials Fusion came out.

Cool, I’d have to buy some games if we decided to play those. Most of mine were GoD, and MS likes to ban my clean accounts now lol. I just started to play ESO, BF4, and Titanfall (meh) on the PC.

Xbox One

Titanfall & BF4

still rocking the 360…only play BF4 at the moment.

Xbox 360 Online games I own…

Gears of War 3
Black Ops 1 & 2
Battlefield 3
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Xbox One online games I own…

Battlefield 4
Call of Duty: Ghosts

xbox one

Titanfall or BF4

PC I will pretty much buy any game

Please add the Wii U to the poll, k thxs.

But seriously, as far as multiplayer goes, I usually play Titanfall(XB1).

For 360 I have most of the popular multiplayer games minus Ghosts.

DayZ on PC mainly.

I have Titanfall and BF4 on the X1 too.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Where is this event going to be held? Or is it going to be an online thing?

PC > all. I’m down for anything.

ESO, Warframe (F2P) and GoW3 is all I play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pc and Xbox one! :smiley:
I love them both!

Awesome, I’d definitely done for a HMB Event/Tournament!
All I own is the 360 so hopefully it’s on the “older” hardware, than again I’m sure majority differ.
Good idea Cheater912, am looking forward to see what arises from this.

I don’t know if anyone else has been playing PVZ: Garden Warfare, but Its super fun and I’d love to play with some homies.

Mainly PC

I have a 360, my brother has a PS3 since I sold mine and my other brother has a PS4 which I play some times.

PC, 360, PS4.

I don’t have my xbox360 anymore, so i’m pc only

Currently only on PC.