What Program is Used to Open .XEX Files?

I was wanting to edit some XEX files for my 360 Dashboard…Does anybody know what program will open an XEX file?:smiley:

The Xbox 360 OS.
other than that idk.

ummm…well MS has to have a program to create XEX files so I wanna find it(:

oh. pm gabe_k or unknown v2.

Contacted, Hoping for a response(: - Thanked:D

Any input


To open an xex file you have to be good at ppc.

XEX files are created by the Xbox 360 SDK compiler. This hooks into visual studio, so it’s really more than one program at a time. This is probably not what you’re wanting, but I’ll include for the sake of proper information.

The modified(namely hacked games) XEX files you’ll find around various places are made by a person by hand, by patching the opcodes. This is usually done after reverse engineering said executable in IDA.

There you have it ^^

I Think It’s Been Answered I Guess.

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