What Rank Are You In Halo Reach?

Thought I would make this thread to see what rank people on XboxMB were.

My Rank Is General Grade 3


Warrant Officer Grade 3. Lol. I suck at Halo.

i am a GameStop

(or at least that is where the game is, i traded it in months ago)

Warrant Officer Grade 3. I only just started up again. >.<

Warrant Officer Grade 3 >.<

Lol. Everyone’s a Warrant Officer Grade 3. Warrant Officer is the hardest rank in my opinion. As far as it taking the longest.

Colonel Grade 2 , started getting back into doing Weekly and Daily challenges.

Haha Yea, It took me ages to get passed Warrent Officer 3 Lol

Warrant Officer Grade 3

great game.


I had just reached Field Marshall, but my xbl account got hacked, and was told to create a new account, so had to start over…So as for current rank now it is Commander Grade 1

You can prove it with these :stuck_out_tongue:

His k/d is terrible, lol.

Commander Grade 3 :smiley:

Lt. Colonial Grade 2

Was a hero, then was reset, now I’m a general grade 4

EDIT: Field Marshall now :smile:

Commander…oh wait that’s CoD. Who plays Gay-lo?

I do. :wink:

the one above general grade 3 i think, i might be commander grade 2 i think.