What should I do with my Morphsuit?

Just got my morphsuit! What to do!?

Open Me


Full Morphsuit view


sell it.

It don´t see the sense of these.

Sneak up on people and scare them they use something to make you invisible (like a green screen). it would be hilarious seeing people freaking out at nothing.

I didn’t ask for opinion on the suit itself, please exit the thread.

Please stop telling me what to do.
I just answered you question. If you can´t live with my “idea”, then its ya problem.

Log roll through the mall.

You should film yourself standing in front of a mirror… So we can see the suit better and stuff :expressionless:

What the hell is up with your ’ 's? they are like slanted or something.

You just wana see is crotch up tight.

If he just purchased it, then he probably has no intentions of selling it. You’re not really contributing anything by telling to just get rid of it.

On topic, you could edit yourself out of videos with the suit acting as a green screen. I’m sure there are plenty of things that you could do with that.



Yah it’s annoying as ****

Hmnn…this was a rhetorical question, so…I don ´ t care.

I think you got a size too big… O_o looks incredibly loose on you lol.

Nope, goes by height and I’m 5’9. I was sitting down so thats why :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know a good way to hide the bulge? LOL

Wear pant’s,my little brother has one and that’s what he does.And you should search up some morph suit pranks on YouTube.I’ve seen so many funny pranks with them on there.

Would pants create hella lumps?

You can do alot of funny things with them! Stand on the side of the road n stare people down lol