What the Halo: Reach campaign tool can do!

I just made this thread so that non-diamonds can see exactly what the Halo Reach Campaign tool can do.

It is a perfect tool that works on ALL missions except Noble Actual. Apparently you get a checkpoint in the beginning on Lone Wolf.

Here is the work I have currently done, I apologize to all you haters who dislike the music.

Once I am done, I might do Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST and add them to this thread. Make in to the Halo: Campaign Modding Thread.

Noble Actual - Can’t mod
Winter Contingency:

Oni: Sword Base:


Tip of the Spear:

Long Night of Solace:

New Alexandria
The Package
The Pilllar of Autumn
Lone Wolf - I am not to sure if you can mod this, will try later.

I will be recording Winter Contingency and Oni: Sword Base tonight, uploading them and editing this thread tomorrow.

Nice shows the nubs what theyre buyin :stuck_out_tongue:

Winter Contingency is rendering at the moment.

Yep, I love the mods! I think buying Diamond was a really good idea

i can not wait to try these thanks for some info on this really good for people who are looking to buy diamond

Nice song lol

Any song by Katy Perry is a nice song.

Winter Contingency is uploading to youtube.

Love the choice of songs lol that deserves a thanks for makin me laugh that was unexpected and helpful.

That is pretty cool, I have no idea how to find my Campaign Save :confused:

Winter Contingency added.

@Cameron it is the 10mb file that begins with se.

Thanks dude! Hope to see more!


One question: Lets just say you pick up another weapon, does that disable the mod?

32767 is like the 2 470 000 000 of CoD :stuck_out_tongue:

Will someone please help me with the mods? I’ve tried over and over but I cant get them work… I start the mission and I get to the first checkpoint then I save and quit. I load my save via usb to horizon, mod the file save and load it back into Reach. Every time I resume my game it restarts it at the begining of the level and none of the mods work. Am I doing something wrong?

No if I was to pick up another weapon that weapon wouldn’t have unlimited ammo but if I was to get weapon back that would still have unlimited ammo.

What mission was it?

It is ONI Sword Base

I can’t figure out how to do this, I opened my Reach Save and Modded it, But it did not work :anguished:

good videos

Thanks ima do the Winter Contigency one, and do the Flawless Cowboy thingy…You rock

Sorry for the delay on the videos lately, I have been really busy.

Oni: Sword base is uploading and I will capture 2 more today hopefully.

Edit: Uploaded :smile: