What to expect in fable 4

I really dont know if this is true but some buddies of mine told me lionhead is already working on fable 4 its set to come out a couple months after there Kinect game. they also told me that all this should be in it.

  • there is an option at the start of the game where you can choose a pet instead of it being a dog it could be a dragon, there are supposedly 6 different pets you can choose from.

  • there is going to be wayyy more armor options and you can even put power ups and jems on you clothes, and you get to make your own clothing and customize it the way you want it.

  • And now there is going to be 4 different endings where you can destroy all of albion and make everyone evil and hate each other.

  • the online multiplayer is going to be the best, When you join an online multiplayer you get make your own kingdom and rule over it and you can go to war with other players, steal, join forces, fight bosses, earn money and other kingly duties.

  • and now instead of the wings just showing up in fighting and talking to people you have the option where they can be out at all times and you can even hover with them.

  • and now when you have a child he actually grows up and haves kids him/herself and he/her will buy a house and will be the ruler after you die.

  • now if you dont wanna be king/queen you have the option to pass it on to someone else.

  • there is going to be over 120 new weapons and over 60 new guns and they are even bringing the bow back from the previous fable.

  • the heros guild will be reopened during the story line so you get to go back there.

i think fable 4 is gonna be amazing.

sounds interesting, didnt play fable 3 tho it kinda dropped my attention after the 2nd one :confused: but hopefully this one is gonna be awesome.

me to cant wait



fable is so awesome!

i like fable 3 hopefully they make a fable 4

myself have seen a down fall in fable sence fable 2 in less alot of fable 1 comes back in the 4th then well it wont have as much progress the story was ok in the last two the upgrades are worthless and the armor seem sorta dumb now its just there for look i have yet to see a better fable then the first