Whats better Free forum SMF or MYBB and also Paid Forum VB or IPB


Will i have 2 questions. Whats the better free forum is it SMF (horiozion360.net used) or mybb (hackforums.net) Which one out of them is better. because this always get’s asked

And second question whats better for the paid forum Vbulletin (this site uses) or IPB (S7 uses) Which forums software do you think is better.

Just post your answer and why



SMF all the way, it’s free, but then again its got a wide range of add-ons and it’s very easy to give in themes.

idk about the free forums but the paid i would say IPB because it’s easier to code add-ons for and there are a lot more add-ons for that than VB and skins :wink:

I added the poll :stuck_out_tongue:

I think smf because it’s easy to make custom theme and more addons. people sa it’s not secured but with the right addons it beats any.

I would also say vbulletin because it’s nicer over all cheaper and great security

Mybb ftw, FU smf, cant even quick reply, and when you do you get popped back to stupid section.
Suckish ACP aswell.
Sorry lmao.


SMF & vB all the way.

Mybb and VB

but i dont realy like VB or IPB
but prob end up sayinf MyBB

there all settings
you can custmise almost everything through settings and mods, even makeing a mod is easy(i have no experence makeing one, just intrenal mods(editing php))

SMF for free.
vBulletin has alot of features but is so exploitable it makes me laugh.
But you can secure the files… so vBulletin.

IPB is much better, clean source & not to mention more developers for many official and non-official mods.

Zetaboards and vB

I use myBB for my site, So I’ll choose that :smiley:

And I think vBulletin is better


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