Whats on Assassins Creed III Disc 1?

Well just curious whats on both discs really…


The game?

Disc 1 is single player. Campaign etc.
Disc 2 is multi-player.

Im sick of all this 2 disk ****. Its annoying as fak.

Didn’t mean to thank you, but whatever.

Anyways, with how big games are getting, I’m surprised most games are still 1 disk. Look at how much stuff they are putting in these games nowadays, and how good the graphics are getting. You try and put all that on a 7.3(?) gig disk (yes I know it’s 8.5 total, but with the format for xbox it’s only like 7.3 that is usable).


… what?

It’s about time there should be a new console to play these on only 1 disc.

I think the only disc that can go above 8.5 GB(correct me if I’m wrong) is a Blu Ray and Sony has that for the PS3 so unless some new technology comes along that won’t be happening for MS.

oh darn now I have to waste two discs for one game.