What's the Point of WePoints?

I’m still pretty new to Infinity and whenever I complete Objectives I get WePoints. But I don’t understand what they’re used for. Do we just have them to show how much we have compared to others, or do we use them to buy items. (Like maybe more cheats for games or… some other things) I haven’t found anything that says “Buy for 2,500 WePoints” or “You need 730 more WePoints to Purchase this Item” Could somebody please explain this to me?

Never mind, I just found a Icon in the Corner about Votes and I guess you buy them with WePoints, Now I would Ask what Votes (I know what Voting is, I just don’t know what we’re voting) but I’ll probably find that out the moment I leave this Page.

You vote for the game you would like a trainer made for it
And if the game gets enuf votes a trainer mite get made !
Also every time you
cheat in a game you get 100 points ( a day )

sorry to ask I’m new to this but you have to be pro to receive 100 pt every time you cheat because I’m not a pro member yet and I receive 50 everytime a play with cheats.

Woops ya sorry i forgot about that. Been pro for awhile and didnt remember what it was !
And also a new version of infinity 4.0 comes out this month and i pretty sure there is going to be other things you can use your points for.

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thank you :+1:

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