[What's up with the Game Requests?] Why is NOBODY REQUESTING THE BEST GAMES?

That’s crazy to see, dumb games like Crash Bandicoot that should have died with 90’s and PlayStation (Before it become PlayStation one), on here but not anything worthy. Why are we not getting requests for the better games out there?
First off, Arma and Thief is great, but we need Arma 2 which is still more popular, and Thief Deadly shadows which is more popular than thief 4. (Which ALSO, doesn’t work.)

Tom Clancy’s series is not only just one of the better ones (including books) it is one of the best game series out there. I was shocked to only see one.

Come on folks, let’s bring Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and others abroad.

There is a trainer for Wildlands

Also to answer your question as to why people are voting for the games they are: people have opinions that are not all the same.

Crash Bandicoot was just released not requested.

I ask the same question man, what are people requesting :woman_shrugging:

Is there a trainer for Wildlands? I searched for it and don’t see one. Is it currently being worked on or something…?

No it has been out since the week the game came out.

when you forget to do your research and you hand in your paper.
Yep this described this post

The good news is that we will be making requests much easier. The leaderboard will be directly in the desktop app in v5 and will also allow members to easily request detected installed games.

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Wow just joined and has good ideas already. Lol

you see i would lke that but i feel that violates our privacy

But we already detect installed games. That is one of the main features that Infinity has over everyone else and the only thing it does is scans the registry keys of uplay, steam, and origin. We don’t do a full scan of your computer.

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oh there is i have to do mine manually well since you stated that i guess nevermind on the privacy statement

Game detection is on the users end, nothing is reported to us that violates a user’s privacy.

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i requested saints row 3
voted for it

Depends on your definition of “the best games”. Nothing the OP mentioned is even close in my view but then, we all have our specific preferences.

Besides why are people still requesting trainers here? I’m new to this site and still managed to read the post telling you not to put them in this forum.

This thread is 2 months old and all the random users went AWOL directly after posting this.

@Chris please close this