Whats up with the paywall?

Now we can only play 2h? I have to pay to cheat ?? wasnt that the thing that we tried to avoid ?? to pay for stupid sht ?? I really hope they go back , i supported this platform because it was simple , now they sell your datta and have a paywall ?? So sad and scammy

At this point i´ll just start Using Cheat enguine Tables

You made the app shitty

I’ve got way more than two hours on every game in my library, and still have never paid anything (as you see I don’t have the “pro” badge by my name). I don’t know why some are getting a limited test time and others are not.

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This limit only applies to accounts created after February 11, 2024. If you have a free account that was created before February 12, 2024, and wish to regain access, you can request a password reset email from here, Forgot your password? If you don’t receive the email or have issues, please email support@wemod.com.

I dont know why, maybe you are an old user. I was until I re-started my PC, and now it has a paywall.

I played it like 2 or 3 years ago, and it wasn’t like these.

I dont use the same gmail , for safety reasons i dont want spam in my personal stuff or my emails sent to a add company i use tem-gmails , is not fair neather and now the platform is scammy and I’m not as interested as before due to these new changes (cookies and paywall)

I’m sorry to hear about your frustration. We understand your concerns and want to address them as best we can.

If you still recall your old account’s email address or username, we encourage you to contact support@wemod.com. Our dedicated support team will assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Can I ask why that change was made exactly? I honestly love WeMod and have had a blast using it & interact with the community.
Sealing off new accounts almost makes it feel like a secluded community?

I am also not trying to start anything here; I am genuinely interested. :slight_smile:

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that’s sad for us who, being a student, do not have enough to manage for monthly wemod pro and only able to play for 2 hours/day because of the limit.

used to be able to play as much as I wanted. I made the mistake of creating an account because I was having issues and wanted to seek help on here. now I’m limited to 2 hours. this sucks, this trainer was really good. I really regret not sticking with whatever account it was logged into which I’m assuming was some sort of guest account as I had never linked an email before.

this is the exact reason everyone hated that wemod was even created in the first place. we KNEW something like this would happen. The devs ran the company into the ground and expect us to pay to get them out. Not our fault you took free products and slowly but surely took things away. And keeping the same login wouldnt be an issue if the app wasn’t so terrible it logs you out or bricks itself, forcing a reset. I doubt they will revert this, and chances are any actually criticisms will just be deleted off the forums, just going off how slimy they are

Actually, the opposite is true. We offer nearly all features of our app completely free of charge, even those that you won’t find with other services. Regarding your account, please rest assured that being signed out does not delete your account. You can log back in at any time.

free of charge for 2 hours?

I’ve been using Wemod since 2020 and I feel ripped off (no to mention at a loss of what to do now). I’m leery about signing up for online accounts for things unless absolutely necessary, so I didn’t sign up for one until I was prompted to do so back in March (after the cutoff date) to continue. If I’d have known they would end up pulling a sudden stunt like this I would have signed up for one when I started using Wemod, but hindsight’s 20/20, right?

Please forgive my brutal honesty on this matter…