What's wrong with the updates?

Hello everyone, i have been using Wemod for quite some time, i recently installed the Scum game and although i have given it permission to connect to the internet and download updates with the ZoneAlarm, every 3 minutes of gameplay i get warnings that Wemod wants to connect to the internet And that he also wants to check for updates … for 2 days, i clicked him and i said no for now, but since i don’t block it directly, i have this advice every few minutes, It had never happened to me with another game, apart from that, of all the cheats that it has, only stamina works. What’s up with Wemod lately?. Thanks anyway for your cheats, in some games they are incredibly useful.


The game had a major update recently. Therefore the trainer needed to be updated.
You can see this information in the trainer itself as well as the trainer’s official forum thread here: SCUM Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #152 by MrAntiFun.

WeMod is likely trying to update this trainer so you have the latest working version (plus any other trainers you recently downloaded that may now need updating for them to work). Since you say only stamina works, it definitely needs updating. So stop clicking no.

Unless you have a metered connection (ie, using a limited mobile data plan hotspot), it’s really unnecessary to block WeMod’s access to the internet using a third-party software. WeMod only uses the internet to download trainers, download trainer updates or, if you have the setting enabled in your WeMod settings, send anonymous error reports when something doesn’t work (and your SCUM trainer isn’t working if it isn’t updated, of course).

To truly disable applications connecting to the internet, simply disconnect from the WiFi via your computer’s WiFi settings. This third-party software is quite an unnecessary step, to me anyway.

So in short, nothing is wrong with WeMod’s updates, it’s doing exactly as its supposed to do. Let it.

Thanks for answering, but that’s a lie, now I’ve changed my game and I keep getting the same warnings every 3 minutes and the game is Spore, don’t tell me there are pending updates with that game, for God’s sake! XD
I only play on pc + i dont use wifi.
Isn’t wemod supposed to look at the version of the game you use and use the version of cheats that are supported?
P.D. No cheat works for me now in Scum, not even the only one that worked previously, congratulations!