What's Your KD? - Black Ops & MW2

I’m not too much of a serious gamer, but I put a good amount of time into the Call of Duty Series. Here are my kill to death ratios:
Black Ops: 1.22
MW2: 1.13-until it modded to like a huge number

What’s your KD on these 2 games?
Also, I’m thinking of buying a new headset for around $100-$150, any suggestions?

(Update)-Wow, you guys have really good kd’s.


K/D’s are gake and fay. D:

Probably around 1.13 on BO.

blackops-like .8

My k/d is nobody cares

black ops before ban 1.10
mw2 before modded 2.01

I really think K/D matters but
MW2: Now its modded but it was 1.80.
Black Ops: Around 2.08.

1-0 is better 200-1 thus rendering invalid.

Dang, you must be really good. Do you have the complete 6 game series of COD?

Do you ever have anything nice/productive to say?

Also my kd is -11 on mw2.

Kd on black ops: [USER IS BANNED]

Black Ops : 3.0
Mw2: 2.5 something.

My KD in black ops is

Black Ops: 4.19:D
Mw2: 3.10:)

Both Legit.

My k.d in black ops used to be 5.62, after I restarted it’s now 2.26.

5.62?.. Really?..

I Am Not really sure, It’s Modded on Mw2 and on B.O. It’s Like 1.43?

It seems like everyone these days has a modded MW2 kd.

MW2: 2.17

What’s wrong about it? o_O

Black Ops: 1.51
MW2: 2.13 before it was modded.

God only knows my K/D XD
Kills- -7,000,000,000

deaths- 200