What's Your Level Or Prestige?

I just want post and see what even ones stats on the new Call of Duty!

I’m 5th Prestige Level 40

Level 48 on Xbox One.

Level 50 and 15th Prestige on Xbox 360 :smirk:

2nd prestige level 31

5th Prestige 37.


W/L Is awful because of the S&D round glitch. But who gives a **** right?

I’ve been grinding SnD every since the Sunday when it was released early!
I got you, my W/L is a 0.10 because of search

6th prestige level 41.


No prestige level 26. Too preoccupied with Destiny to play that much :anguished:

Wtf the game hasnt even been out for a week yet and you gus are past 5th prestige!? damn im only level 35 no prrestige haha

1st prestige level 16…I don’t play a whole lot :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the game on Sunday with 2XP and than this passing weekend with 2XP.
I’m home schooled till 2nd semester so I have no life till than lol

After playing Sunset Overdrive I cannot go back to CoD, not even AW. It is no fun what-so-ever. I’m level 48 no prestige and probably going to stay that way for a while.