What's Your Opinion Of The DESTINY "RED BULL RAIDERS"?

So the news is that Red Bull have released specially marked cans available only through 7/11 stores in the USA and giving the purchaser some handy in game loot for DESTINY.
Well, it was only a matter of time before there was a stirring in the darkness and all the bad eggs came out to play. It only took a matter of minutes before the code was broken and then it became a free for all…
A simple combination of 3 specific letters and 3 specific numbers, mixed up in any combination to give you the 8 digit code.
Needless to say that there are going to be a hell of a lot of unhappy customers at 7/11 with their Red Bull purchases.
I thought that surely this couldn’t be as easy as what was being said… Well, to my surprise I thought I would test it out just to see what would happen and with absolutely no effort involved at all (Just had to type in my imaginary code) “Thank You, Please Come Again” - 1 CODE REDEEMED.
I did not redeem the code with my Microsoft account as this was just a shot in the dark to see if it was really that easy and it was that easy and then some.
My belief is that this type of activity should be classed as STEALING/THEFT but what are they going to do about it when they make it so easy to have themselves ripped off.
All I know is that there are going to be a hell of a lot of angry and disappointed Red Bull and 7/11 customers, not to mention the stock that they won’t be able to sell now because of potentially useless codes on them.
Anyways, what’s your thoughts and opinions on this…

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Honestly, I’m not all that shocked because people will go to any length to find an easier method to achieving something. Obviously it sucks for those who purchase the packages of Redbull only to find that the code(s) provided have already been redeemed, but you must also think of the number of codes that’ll go unnoticed because the customer doesn’t play the game. So, in the end, I see it all as it is what it is and that’s it.

…you’d think companies would think before they act when it comes to offers like these, but I guess they don’t. (ex: Similar incident is with Call of Duty and the bags of Doritos/Mountain Dew; people just go into Target, Walmart, etc. and snap pictures of the codes rather then purchase the product so people who do purchase the product get nothing.)

Saw this thread when you originally shared it, but never got around to commenting, Sorry.

I’m pretty pissed about it. I bought a couple cans just for the buff and the codes had already been used. Then I sat there for a while entering codes with that formula and they just kept failing until I got a temporary IP ban.

This whole thing was shady from the start.
I’m not surprised that people are trying to go around having to buy some energy drink just for some content.

I don’t have a 7/11 anywhere near me.

Not everyone has access to a 7/11 or lives in the US. So obviously there are going to be people who take advantage of this exploit to get the extra content. They should of made it available at a more widely accessible store, nationally, like Walmart or something.

It is available at Walmart.

I stand corrected