Wheels and Tires

I’m not exactly a car guru so I need some help. I know that the stock tires on my car are 225 50 16. I know that getting tires that are much bigger and much smaller than that can mess with the speedometer. What are my options? If I get tires the same size it will be fine right? What are some tires that are the best bang for your buck? Also, what are my options on wheels? The stock wheels look horrible, it could look much better.

By the way, we are talking about a 1988 Toyota Supra Mk. III Turbo

There’s so many things you can do… it’s literally limitless. Depending on if your lowered or not.

Find out what other people run. The width, diameter, offset, and aspect ratio for the wheels.

Find out your bolt pattern as well to find which wheels will fit your car.

Try places like ntb, discount tire, firestone, etc…

Yeah, I need to lower it. Running aftermarket wheels without lowering it would look silly, in my opinion.

It will. Currently took of my coilovers for the winter and put my lowering springs in place and it looked silly until I put my stock winter wheels on.

Get low first, then worry about your wheel setup.

Definitely lower first. My car was looking horrible with everything standard, even just lowering it will make it look a lot better. Also don’t cheap out and just do springs. I’ve got mine on lowered springs with shocks and struts to suit and I’m pretty happy with it even with the factory wheels.

Then again, I’m very limited considering laws are extremely strict on what modifications can be done to cars. Not sure how it works where yous are, but there’s still a whole lot of different options that you can consider. Springs, Coilovers, bags. Whatever suits the look you like. With imports I’d go coilovers, they may hurt your pockets more, but they’re definitely worth it.

When my Nephew owned his Supra, he ran 235/35/18. He had a very small wheel gap after that.