When did you make your first Xbox Live account?

Hi HMB Community! I’ve been thinking about posting a thread like this for a while now, and I’ve just got around to doing it. This thread is all about looking at the past, particularly when you made your first Xbox Live Account. It’s fairly simple and I really think this will be fun if it goes as planned. I’ll start us off, I made my first account back in 2011. I got into it pretty late in the game. I had an offline account for the longest time until I decided to upgrade. Now, your guys’ turn!

Have fun! :thumbsup:

I made by account about 10-11 years ago, it has been a long time.

my first account was back in 2002 when xbox live was first introduced. good times back then. when DLC was free, or at least $4 for a map pack

I made my first account when the 360 came out, I was a little kid and thought I could get free Microsoft Points from some dude that messaged me a website, account got hacked Microsoft locked it instead of giving it back to me, then I made my main account that I use now :smiley:

When I was 15. Bought the original xbox and xbox live just for Halo 2, after playing 1 on the PC for a year or two.

created my current account when the original xbox first came out (then modded the xbox for free downloaded games ect) but for some reason microsoft only recognises about 7 years on my account from when the xbox 360 came out so lost about 5-6 years (talk about destroyng my loyalty), even after modding i still have yet to be caught and recieve a ban (not too bad there).

He used the crown editor don’t believe him.

About 8 years myself.

No I didn’t lol.

I did mod my gamerscore though a few years back, and I got reset. That’s why I’m only sitting at 14k.

I’ve literally had the same account for ten years.

Well, like I’m sure I’ve stated multiple times on here, I purchased a Xbox 360 because of Halo: 3; about 5-6x months after its released. With or without that said, I used to make, sell, repeat accounts to make a few dollars on the side of doing your basic forms of income as a young child/teenager. After some time I had moved onto other games and didn’t look back. Now, I’m still rocking that same account that I had decided to make in late 2011, have accumulated 38K+ legit gamer score, and have an average loyalty number on my XBL account.

Cool thread idea l BLAKEonXBOX l.

I bought my 360 when Gears of War came out in 2006, didn’t get live until 2007 when Halo 3 came out. Was obsessed with getting to 5 star General, a guy talked me into giving my account to him so he can get me to that rank. Haven’t seen that account since…few months later I made another account, and it’s the account I still have to this day. I changed my gamertag so many times, it was originally called “I like cake 429” (I was 11 at the time :stuck_out_tongue: ), then I changed it to “IRESTRIICTI0NZ” (Horrendous name, now that I look back at it), then “FRU1TY P3BBL3Z” (don’t ask…), then “Castiel429” (was obsessed with the tv show Supernatural, still am), then “ImGonnaRageQuit” (Wish I wouldn’t have changed it from that), then “G0THAM KNlGHT”, then “BATMAN G0T HAM” (which was around the same time I made my account on here.), then finally “Guardian Azrael” (which is the name I’m currently using). So yeah my account has went through a lot of name changes over the years…

Also sorry for the long paragraph, with a lack of periods lol.

I’ve had mine since Halo 2. So that’s probably a long time just not as long as some others. Pretty long tho. :smile:

i made mine back In 2009

About 7 years ago; I believe I was in 8th grade.

When I was in the 7th grade for the original xbox and halo 2. I’m 23 years old now.

got my 360 last year after having the first xbox for years.
man things have changed since its time

does anyone here now how to mode 360 halo 4

Buy Diamond and use Horizons editor.