When I click on the "Off" to turn the mod "On" it doesn't do anything, I tried opening the game threw the applications using the "Play" button top right, and then the hotkeys for the hacks, but nothing happens... Am I doing something wrong here?

I try to play with the mods in payday 2 but the hotkeys dont work and I cant seem to turn on any of the other cheats help please!

Edit : I have read a couple more of these and I still cant find a solution I am not getting the checkmark next to the cheat and I clicked the Play button and my anti virus was disabled at the time and my game is not cracked. I do have mods I was wondering if that was the issue

That is one descriptive title. What mods are you using?

Im using a dlc unlocker (a hack) and a MUI hud
guessing the hack is the problem

Someone said that they couldn’t get the dlc unlocker to work with Infinity so I am guessing they just aren’t compatable.

ill try it without the dlc unlocker

I got it working I had to remove all my mods