When I play MineCraft my computer turns off

I play MineCraft for 15-30 minute’s then my computer shuts down,it’s getting really frustrating and I highly doubt it over heating since I got a fan.I have MineCraft on the lowest settings[I think] also!I used to be able to play for hours until now!
I Google-d this problem and no answers.

Sir, your computer sucks.

And do you really have everything on lowest?
Graphics on fast, Particles minimal, fog tiny, etc.

Check your temps even if you think its not it. Old computers and laptops overheat fast.

Then how come I was able to play it before?Yes everything is on the lowest I believe.

How would I do that?I’m such a noob when it comes to computers :expressionless: .

download speedfan

Did you download Minecraft from minecraft.net or somewhere else? There could be a chance of a virus that was hiding behind the program and finally decided to “attack” you. Your computer shuts down if It knows it’s being “attacked” by something serious. If you downloaded from minecraft.net than this isn’t the problem.

Not sure if that’s good or bad.

I downloaded it from the official website.

Thats doing nothing? Thats very dangerous temps, enough to burn you if you touches it. Try better cooling or if you have a laptop get a cooling mat.

I have a fan on the side of my computer.

I have this one under my laptop also.

Run memtest and see if it is your RAM, i was having the same problem with my games.

There’s no errors it said.

What are your specs?

I just want this problem fixed or atleast let me play longer.

If you’re on a laptop, Notch and Jeb said that it is weird how minecraft works on laptops sometimes it’s fine and sometimes it isn’t.

Why would it matter if you’re on a laptop or not? ._.