When I try to launch a game that is from Origin, it says I need an activation key

As the title says, I tried to launch a game from Origin but it says I need an activation key/code. I changed the custom installation so it directs WeMod to Titanfall 2, I’ve started it normally quit then tried to launch it with WeMod. And I can’t think of any other action I can do to fix this, so if someone could help me with this that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! Sorry if this was a problem that was already resolved, but I couldn’t find anything that did help with this problem. And thank you to anyone and everyone that could help me with this ^-^

Just to clarify, the Origin games only ask for an activation key when starting with WeMod? If so, you can start the game normally then alt-tab and hit play to inject the trainer into the game. Let me know if this does anything at all.