When is an xbox one hack available?

Is it available soon for xbox one

Not much has happened in terms of a breakthrough with xbox one modding, so nothing will be coming anytime soon

After someone finds an exploit. Right now there is nothing that can be done.

Why doesnt xbox make a way to hack and make like in fh3 different garages in single and multiplayer

Microsoft/Xbox doesn’t make the hack/exploit lol. The hacks and exploits you’re asking about are created by talented people who figure out how to reverse engineer hardware and software etc… Hopefully someone finds something in the very near future.

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I know but why dont microsoft

No one does it. Giving users unrestricted access would encourage pirating and game modding.

The AAA game devs would probably boycott the console since they would have to make anti-cheats, ban poeople and patch exploits.

What are you on about, Microsoft would never allow cheating in their console.

Its like if your teacher had a test for you guys but gave out the answeres to it before the test. It wouldnt make much sense would it?

They allowed it on 360 so

They dont allow it, they have tried to keep us out for a long while.

People get banned for modding on 360, if microsoft allowed it, would you think they’d still get banned? no of course they wont

I have never been banned and i hacked on assassins creed brotherhood

You edited your save right? Yeah everyone did that no one was banned but that dont mean M$ allowed us to do it.

Just that you are able to rob a bank and got away with it. Doesnt mean that the bank and the police allowed you to do it