When is it safe to remove a USB drive from 360? Grrr

My brand new thumb drive keeps losing all data, and I have to reformat it through my 360.

This happens every time I move it, physically, from my 360 to my PC.

When is it actually safe to remove a USB device? I know a data-writing session can’t last the 5 minutes that I’m waiting before I remove it…

Every frickin’ time I move player data files and my profile from the hard drive to the thumb drive…by the time I plug it into my PC, and open Horizon, the data is already gone, and the thumb drive has lost it’s 360-specific formatting.

It’s getting aggravating. I know that it’s rare that solid-state drives like this just go bad, for no apparent reason. There’s no mechanical moving parts, I’ve not dropped it, nor exposed it to temperature extremes. Nor have I exposed it to static discharge, or anything else…

Am I the only one having this frustrating problem?

I’m not entirely sure but it sounds like something may be wrong with the flash drive. I yank mine like my **** all the time and have never had this problem.

When i put stuff on my usb from hdd, i back out to the dashboard after doing so. Try that and see if it works. If not your usb is shot.

What kind of flashdrove is it?

Thanks for the quick replies, guys. MadeGuy, I wish I was able to do that! Ya know, I may just do that, lol…And you’ve never had any issues when doing that, huh? Figures, LOL!!

And SmallZzy, I’ve made sure that I dashboard every time. One thing that’s weird though is that after my console signs me out of Live (in order to move my profile to my thumb drive), half the time, when I go back to the dashboard, I’m still logged in…

I’m about to give up trying to restore my rank reset from GOW3, and just put this 360 AND this thumb drive under one of my Jeep’s tires!!!

Microsoft surely has to wonder why I’m recovering my password every few minutes today!!


Feez, it’s a PNY branded 4-gig that I bought from Target, specifically for this purpose…to restore my lost data after getting rank reset on Gears of War 3.

How much space did you set for it when you formatted it for your xbox?

Juicy, I didn’t chose anything in particular. It automatically formatted it for 360 use, and recognized 3.6 Gigs of available space.

And LOL, love the “First Day on the Internet Kid” meme you’ve got in your sig! LOL!!

For your profile still being signed in is good, you can take out your usb and put it in the computer. Lesser chance of being banned this way. Also dont sign out before moving your profile, let the xbox do it for you when moving the content. Also it will say “Please re-insert flash drive”. Ignore that and continue on.

Try customizing it to a little lower like 2gb or 1.5 ( if you even need that many to transfer profiles… )

& its funny because its what people do, lol

Hmmm, interesting. I’ll remember the “still being signed in after signing out” thing, and try removing my thumb drive then.

Working on it AGAIN, right now…

Juicy, gotcha. Lemme go try that right now, and see if it helps with data integrity.
And have you see the hundred other HILARIOUS memes with the “First Day on the Internet kid”? LMAO!!

Yeah lol.

Post back results. :wink:

Woops, better create another back-up first!! I’ve only lost my data like 50 times today!


Oddly enough, so far so good this time…

I was still signed in when I dashboarded, even though the 360 “signed me out”…

Pulled out the thumb drive, and plugged it into the PC…

Horizon found the player data file, so THIS time, I think I’m good.

Thanks guys!!

LMAO at Juicy!!

Quickmemes has some other hilarious ones too!!

Like Socially Awkward Penguin, and Good Girl Gina, and College Freshman!!


Your Welcome.:thumbsup:

before i remove my usb i turn off my xbox just in case :smiley:

Nick, that’s not a bad idea either!
Right on, I’m gonna start trying that too!

Thanks man!

Turning off your xbox is a big no no, just imagine this, you are on a game and recieve an achievement, you then think ahh **** it the rest are too hard to get, you put your profile on your usb and shut down your xbox, a few minutes later you come back on with 500 gamer score more, i think you would be reset quick enough. No?

Also what you should have said.

Aww crap…even after moving everything to my USB drive, and dashboarding, you’re saying I STILL shouldn’t turn the XBox off?

And I just lost all my data on my thumb drive again…