When the trainer is activated, the game just closes (Darkest Dungeon)

The problem with a certain game, Darkest Dungeon, and, accordingly, a trainer for it.
After activating the trainer, the game just closes, preventing the cheat from even starting. I come across this for the first time, what to do - without a clue. I’m not talking about antivirus interventions in the work, I took all possible measures to eliminate the problems arising from it.
Although … I’m not so sure.

Hello! :slight_smile:

There was an update to the game and therefore the trainer will need an update.

See this post here in the official thread for the trainer: Darkest Dungeon Cheats and Trainer for Steam. Please make sure you search for the trainer’s official thread here in the community, as it will often contain this information.

Thank you. :slight_smile: