When to upgrade my OS?

I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to Operating Systems so I’m seeking advice from the more experienced.

I’m currently on Windows 7 Home Premium which I like very much and I am very reluctant to come away from it because I like it so much. I tried Windows 8/8.1 and I didn’t really like it.

With all the above being said, Windows 10 will be upon us soon and I’m not sure if I should take advantage of their Free Upgrade Scheme while the opportunity is there!?

What are your thoughts and advice on the subject?

Don’t upgrade until at least 6 months after the original launch of windows 10. The only time I would upgrade would be if MS completely quit supporting the OS or if there was some major performance improvement.

I fail to understand why people are terrified for Windows 8.1 It runs smoother and it’s just a start screen instead of a corner menu. No big deal.

You can already get Windows 10 preview. It combines the start screen tiles and start corner menu together. I think the full release is the end of summer.

Just wait for Windows 10 to release and read what actually changes. Depending on your hardware, there is barely a reason to upgrade if you are happy with your current one.
I use Windows 8 every single day at work but I would never upgrade my desktop to it. Simply because I have no reason to. It’s features have no benefit to me in my use. It’s still a fine OS.

Windows 8.1 isn’t bad with classic shell installed

I agree with everyone in this thread so far. Windows 8.1 is a good os but if you’re fine with windows 7 just stay put until 10 is out for a bit then get your free upgrade after all the major bugs are out of 10.

Microsoft has become a successful, even dominating provider of operating systems, computer programs, and Internet browsers.In windows all the versions having the common appearance except Windows 8 and 8.1. Recently we get the new version which is windows 10, To analyze about the windows 10 it is a bit common to 7 itself. Windows 7 has been getting more positive reviews over a year, After windows xp the windows 7 has become the default OS.

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