Where are The Config Files Held?

I’m trying to rebind some keys in some real time mods to Shift+Numpad 1, 2, 3, etc. However when I do it comes up as Clear and Insert and Left and whatnot. since I use the Numpad and the arrow keys in the game I’m screwed in either instance, but if the config files for the real time mods are stored locally then I could edit it and type in Shift+Numpad 1 and so on. So my question is where are the config files for infinity stored on the hard drive (if they are held locally at all)?

do you have numlock on?

Yes. I’ve tried rebinding with numlock on and off. Both ways result in the secondary key to be used. for example Shift+Numkey 7 becomes Shift+Home regardless of numlock.

It might be because shift activates the alternate key, im not sure if it violates any terms(be sure first but find

C:\Users"yourusername"\AppData\Local\Daring Development

I have already looked through the likely spots for it. I had already found the install folder for Infinity, Nothing in there but bin files, dll’s, and an EULA.

hmm maybe @Chris or @Frank ,can give a better answer

The issue is not the shift key, it is reported fine. But the second key is reported wrong because like Hawk said due to windows sending alternate key. For example holding shift while pressing 1 will result in !, 2 in @ and so on.

The good news is the combination still works even if infinity reports it differently. For example setting shift+numpad1 shows end for me but when i press shift+numpad1 in game, it activates that cheat along with pressing end key. So make sure the combination key is not what you use a lot e.g end, page up/down etc. which are rarely used.