Where do you hail from?

So after looking on here for several minutes trying to find the same topic that I have, I couldn’t find it. So I decided to make a fresh topic to connect and meet new people in the area that you are from. So for example, I am from the Hampton Roads Virginia area, so I am looking to connect and meet with some new people in my area. So sound off in the comments below where you are from and if you are anywhere near me, PM me and we can meet up in person. Hope this blooms into a great topic.

Fairfield County, CT!!!

New London County, CT

Sunnmøre, Norway

Stockholm, Sweden.

Eastbourne, United Kingdom.

I was going to say “my mom’s Vagina”, but thought it was too accurate…


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tucson, AZ

How far away from Toronto Ontario are you?

This is turning into a good topic guys. Lets keep it going.

in the WatWats AWHITU ,NEW ZEALAND -sent via smoke signals

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

That’s where I am right now :sunglasses:


Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

Gawler, South Australia, Australia

its only like 4 hours i think

Impressive. I actually have a friend who I think still lives there, but I haven’t talked to her in forever so I do not know if she still does.

I just now realized this, but we actually have an admin posting here. Spread the word Frank. Get more people connected with each other.

Stowe, Pennsylvania