Where do you join the Imperial Legion in Skyrim?

I have the quest in my misc. section, and I have it marked, and I am at the city your suppose to do it, but I can’t find where to join… The guards in the town are no help.

Solitude…You’re looking for a place called Castle Dour located in the northwest of the city. Look for lots of large Legion banners.then they will give you a quest to do first, before your accepted…i skipped the quest they sent me on, will do it later

Got it, thank you so much.

lol we need a skyrim thread cus earlier i thought i was gonna start raging about the first puzzle in the caverns where you get the gold claw but then i looked at the journal of the guy that i killed in the web. then i got the clue and checked the item in m inventory and it had the picture on it :smiley: