Where Do You Live

…Thanks for making me a better person.

The world needs people as nice as you

Thanks… but I didn’t make you a better person.

You were already a better person for trying to help others.

Yes, the world could use more people as nice as you and I, and all the other nice people I’ve met and mingle with on here every day.

Thank you. Lets try to help as many needy people as possible!

Cool! Sometimes I wish I was a Canadian dude. But being a US guy has to be good enough. Let’s work together and do what we can. See you around the site!

Canada rocks. If usa is collapsing, I’ll try to move there before russia. Canada saved my life. ~:)

Then you shouldnt come to Norway, at least not where i live.
Its 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) today and it seems like the snow is comming as well :smiley:

That must suck. Winter is to long in scandinavia… But it’s 15C here in stockholm, sweden and sunny. You can’t get much better than that at spring. A little windy sometimes tho, so a t-shirt and a windbreaker is best IMO.

Sidenote, this thread is derailing, in a good way.