Where do you put the xm360 files in xexmenu?

I am new to jtag modding and I was wondering where and how to install xm360?

Create a new folder on the root of your hard drive in Xex Menu, and put it in there. It really doesn’t matter to be honest. If you want Xex Menu to show your applications in Quick Launch, name the folder ‘Applications’.

Before I when I downloaded the files I put it in the same place and when I started it, it just show a black screen and does not load.

I am going to try again.

Which version of XM360 do you have?


ya still black screen

Try downloading a newer version. I use version 1.8.

do you have a link or anything.

Let me google that for you

WTF how did u do that?

Let me google that for you

It still has a black screen with v1.8. Any other ideas.

Do I have to keep the Readme files.

How are you transferring it to your hard drive? Is it internal or external?

Ya to my external hard drive.all of the files from the downlaod.

You don’t need the readme file for XM360 to run.

If you are certain you are copying the program to the right directory, then you can try going to your System Settings -> Memory and deleting the Unknown Game folder. This is where XeXMenu saves user settings.

Also, try copying the XM360 folder to a regular FAT32 flash drive, press “X” and select the XM360.xex from Usb0 in XeXMenu.

It shows up as unknown game and it also says incomplete.

Is there any other files that I need besides the ones from the download

In XeXMenu, not the NXE dash…

I put it in the first page of the hardrive section in xexmenu still black screen. I am going to try puting it in USB0.

I’ll see if v1.9 works.

I am starting to feel that the file is incomplete. What are the names of all the files I need.

:thumbsup:I think I got it working. Thx:thumbsup:

Glad you got it working. Make sure you Rescan All after XM360 has loaded.

I’m uploading 2.0d for you now…

Ok thx

XM360 2.0d