Where has Horizon been?

I don’t know if I’m in a position to be asking this, but it has been approximately two years since there was a major update to Horizon. It has also been quite a long time since there were any updates on the development progress of the next version. Is the next edition still in development, or has it simply been cancelled?

The next major build’s development is somewhat stagnant right now for two reasons:

  • New games keep coming out and we make tools for them in the current version of Horizon. All 120+ tools have to be redesigned and partially re-coded for the next major build.
  • Xbox One research is taking up a good chunk of our time.

It hasn’t been canceled, but I wouldn’t count on it being releasing any time soon.

Well you better get to work and have that sorted pronto!

How is the Xbox One research coming along? I haven’t done anything modding-wise for a year now. I’ve been too held up with PHP stuff.

Good things take time, great things take even longer.

It only seems like a long time when you’re not patient.

It’s Dale, he has never heard of the word ‘patient’.

On topic; I can’t be sure on the Xbox One research Alex, but you can see the thread in the Xbox One modding section on the progress(if it’s still updated).

We are still researching the XVD file format and attempting to find an exploit on the console.