Where to get the best JTAG xbox?

What’s the most up-to-date JTAG Xbox 360 out there? And where can I find it?

TheTechGame.com has a marketplace but not here. Deal with caution

Jasper Jtag is the newest you will find. I only suggest dealing with trusted sellers on TTG

The most recent motherboard that can be JTAG’d is the Jasper motherboard. Try Craiglist, TTG, or eBay.

The most up to date is the Valhalla mobo, For the slim ( For RGH, Same thing as JTAG)

If you want to JTAG then jasper.

It’s not the same thing as JTAG.

Here’s a list of differences by Oscar.

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So which is better then, a jtag or rgh?

I’m confused as well looking on TTG, I’m seeing acronyms beyond belief and I haven’t a clue what any of them mean. I understand that a Jasper Motherboard is the most up to date, but from there, do I want RGH of JTAG? I’m seeing XDK thrown around, don’t know what that means. haha uhhh, all these numbers too. I’m sorry for being a n00b but can someone give me details of the best? Thanks a lot.

RGH For EVER !! <3

i love my rgh never heats up its perfect.

i would personally wait for rgh 2.0 and xecuter fusion with xecurer demon. that will be te ultimate console but there is no releasedate in mind for any if thesei believe so could be up to a year or more

A year? There is no way. I would assume everything new should be out by May.

do your research;) google is your friend

Look up iMoses on Se7ensins, has a great RGH/JTAG/Flashing service thread and is a moderator there.

I will pick up the rgh.