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Where to submit other games to add to Infinity?

Savage Lands ? Rust ? How to Survive 1 and 2 ?

Go to and search for the game in the top right corner, there will be a request button on the right.

I wouldn’t bother though, only the most popular games get cheats made most of the time unless it’s on a whim from a dev. You need a ton of points to get them to look at making cheats for a game

Damn someone has a bad day.

You’re right and wrong at the same time. Since you have to request cheats for a game obviously only the popular games get a trainer. But think about why they did it. The dev team is not 100 man strong it’s really small. The amount of points needed to vote for a game were lower some months ago which ended in devs being flooded by voted games. That’s why the made it that you need more points.

And you still don’t need a ton of points. I can fund 1 full game right now. I get (because of pro) 200 points everyday and 200 points for cheating everyday.
that’s 400 points a day. 200 I think for non pro users. That’s 11.200 Points per month. Obviously I’m not able to fund a game alone every month. But If people would help me it’s rather easy to get a game funded.
So don’t say don’t bother. It’s obvious that 1 person alone shouldn’t be able to get a game funded. Only if more people decide that they want a trainer it will work. Otherwise the devs would very quickly die of work

Yeah, I agree with all your points here, very much. And I respect the team for what they do, because, there’s no point in creating cheats for just one person. I mean, it’d be ridiculous.

But at the same time it’s a bit, for lack of a better word, “bait-ey” to have people submit games/pour points into games that will never, ever be funded because nobody plays them but a select few group of people out of millions of gamers. And then they just forget about the game because they realize the futility of it all after pouring points into it for months and getting nowhere. Honestly I’d rather the feature just be removed, because it just gives people false hope that this amazing team would create cheats for the game that THEY want to play. The team is doing a great job keeping up with AAA releases and other games and the submit game feature is a giant stone wall to requesting games.

And we don’t exactly have a place to be like “Hey put some points in this game for me, thanks” because that’s not allowed here, so how are people without social connections/friends who don’t sign up on websites/people to help them with this stuff supposed to do?

Infinity is an awesome platform but that feature just makes people feel like, “Oh, I got my input in so they’ll do something real soon!” when in reality it’s not like that. I can compare it to this rating system we had at my work, it literally did nothing but let customers press a button on a screen to say how their service was from the cashier. Manager and District Manager both told me they did absolutely nothing and were there for the customer to “feel like their input is going somewhere”. That’s how I feel with this. And, you can save up points all you want, and maybe fully fund a game by yourself, either free or pro, but being pro gives you the obvious advantage of being able to do that much quicker, but still over a many-month timespan, in which the team is getting 8 bucks a month from you, just sitting there, waiting and not getting any bonus benefits besides “more points!”. (I do see Pro Only cheats are coming soon though, which will definitely boost their income but it’s pretty much going to be cheaper going to CheatHappens and paying 100 bucks for a lifetime sub once than paying 60 bucks a year)

I don’t know how hard it is or how time consuming it is to make these cheats, and I’m not pretending to know that. I’ve diddled around with Cheat Engine and I can only find basic, basic things. I’m just submitting my opinion on a feature that quite frankly should not be in Infinity, in my own opinion. At this point with all the new games coming out, everyone is going to be funding the newer games over anything else, and the team is gonna have their hands real full real quick pretty soon.

We should just be being fed whatever the team is able to crank out at this point and maybe put points towards something else. What, I don’t know, but either remove the point feature as well or put it toward something else, cause only the new releases are ever going to be popularly funded.

Edit: And as for being “Pro”, that’s great you’re supporting the team and are able to get more points, but you’re still in the same boat. It’s the same thing, but they’re making you feel “valued” by giving you more points, to literally do almost nothing with. (Not sure why my thing says Pro cause when I figured this out I unsubbed. Apologies team but if I can get cheats for AAA games for free and will never fund a game me and a few other people want cheats for then… :expressionless: )

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Wepoints is a made up currency. It holds no value other than to vote for new trainers. The only way you can waste wepoints is by not spending them.

The wepoint system is a way of measuring demand. It is not perfect but the alternative is getting flooded with request threads.

You don’t need to spend points on new AAA games, staff will add them for “free” since it will generate traffic for the site and make Infinity more relevant.

Its a better system than before, the forum was full of topics asking for trainer, of course this system make indie games that isnt popular very hard to get 200k points.

So yeah its not perfect, either way. I think they plan to improve the system. So it have to work while that comes up.

I am sorry you feel that way but you could not be further from the truth. Check this

Minus the two AAA titles which i’ve erased, the rest were all requests. All old or indie games.

The current requests list you see are for games that either other groups have given up (because of difficulty) or retired despite charging a substantial sum.

You raised some valid points and I agree with some of them. This is why we’re changing the way the request system works entirely. People should be able to tell upfront if a game they’re requesting has a low chance of being created. I wouldn’t say it’s “bait-ey”, but it’s certainly not as clear as it could be.

I also see why you think the whole request system is pointless, but it’s really not and @stn has attested to that. We’re going to be making some HUGE updates that will show you exactly why the request system is needed.

Points are going to be used in more ways very soon.

I understand why you don’t see the value in Pro, but there are plenty of other people who do see the value and we give them perks as a thank you. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to continue running this site.

Keep in mind we’re still figuring out things as we go since we’re fairly new to all of this. All comments and feedback are highly welcomed. I thank you for your honesty.

Let me ask this here then. is the game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice going to possibly be available ? it comes out in 7 days

Yes. It’s a singleplayer game.
Either some dev will take it instant and make a trainer for it or it will be added to the voting system

Seems like a decent game so yes, i’ll make a trainer as soon as the game is released inshaAllah (God willing)

thanks. it looks pretty darn amazing. i got it off of humble bundle and am excited to see more. the graphics are so dam good lol