Where would the best place to buy a JTAG for cheap?

Well i’m looking to buy one for roughly 200-250 because i want one :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t need a preloaded 20GB HDD my cousin has one that i can buy from him for 5$.

I would like the 12V fan mod to it doesn’t red ring quickly.

And that’s about it guys thanks for looking at this. :smiley:

Also what is the difference between a unbanned one and a banned one? Does it make no difference because you can’t get online with it or what? Thanks guys. < 3

Also i don’t want it just to ****ing mod cod i want it to mod different games play emulators have xlink kai freestyle dash and use my JTAG to it’s full extent.

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TTG is going to be your best bet. But for $200 you will get a xenon and we all know how high there failure rate is. If you can spend $225 you can get a falcon

So 225 for a falcon would be my best bet?

Yep because jaspers are about $400. Your next best bet is a falcon, I had one for 2 years with no problems. I suggest buying from xAdam256

ive had my xenon for hell i dont even know haha, back in january after MW2 and it has never failed on me with RROD :thumbsup:

Only good thing about xenon’s is that they can take both types of kvs but since yu cant go online i suggest with chris on the falcon for just another $25 more

Thanks i will look into it do you know of a good seller i should check out? And i know jasper’s are godly but way to expensive. :laughing:

xadam256 and XBJK Chris, i’m buying my jasper from them

i’m looking at his shop now and he want roughly 300 for a complete falcon package from him.That’s a little to much for my boat but at least i know where to go and how much i should be looking to get outta them. Thanks man.

Ask for Mafia on TTG New Xexon 150 + Shipping so 175 :smiley:

I don’t want a xenon i would rather buy a falcon in my opinion.

I’ll sell you my banned falcon with everything setup on a USB drive for $200+shipping

From me. Send me a message. Not allowed to post any details here, since selling isn’t allowed, but I have a feeling that you’ll be interested.